IBFX Cryptos

Interested in sharing your publications and learning resources among a wider community? Interested in co-organizing an event or in speaking at any such event? Participated in any such event recently? Great news, you’re entitled to receive free IBFX cryptos. Please fill in the form to opt-in. We’ll get in touch with you asap.

Help Us Build the
IBF Community
& Earn Cryptos

Your IBF Net is the maiden online community created at the turn of this Century to create and sustain a halal ecosytem with active participation of students, researchers and thought leaders from the academia and the industry.

How can you help us build this Community? And earn cryptos as a token of appreciation by the Community?

As we build the community, we seek to incentivise the process through use of cryptos.
We allocate IBFX Type 2 cryptos (which can be used for payments for transactions within the network) to contributors according to the following plan:

Contribute contents to our CONFERENCE platform that is freely accessible to all members (we create a dedicated page for you; while copyright of all contents remain with you).

  • Blogs (1000-1500 words): 50 cryptos
  • Articles (1500-3000 words): 100 cryptos
  • Ebooks (Above 3000 words): 200-500 cryptos
  • Slide Presentations: 50 cryptos

We also allocate additional tokens as surprise gifts based on no. of downloads/ popularity at regular intervals.

$10,000 IBFX Rewards Program

Reward will be distributed among up to 1000 selected participants based on their contribution towards building the network and referral. Time starts on December 06, 2021and closes after 90 days.

IBF Social Cryptos Certified Shariah Compliant

The Shariah approval accorded to this innovative solution by Amanah Advisors (UK) is based on careful scrutiny of the project documents, the mechanism document and the process flow document

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